Water Cooling Articles

Shocker's Watercooling Adventures

Here is a great article for people are just get starting to get into watercooling. The articles explains what decisions and options you have.

Tubing in H2O Cooled Computers

Use copper pipes instead of normal tubing in your water cooling system.

Series VS Parallel

The articles shows you the difference between Series and parallel. It will help you decide on what configuration will be best for you.

Get The Power To The Pump

Too often I see people stumped on how to properly get power to their pump. Not only that, but people also want the pump to turn on and off with the computer, and let's face it, it is the best option.

Barb Comparison

What's the advantage of different types of barbs? Read to find out.


Read why heatercores are the best for your setup.

Present Day Water Cooling

Take a look at the current and future trends of water cooling.

Picking the right case for water cooling

After you feel confident in the components you have selected, it is equally as important to select the right case to house your computer and water cooling hardware.

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