Taming the Via Aqua
By: Greg Zenger

Reduce the vibration and noise output of the Via Aqua 1300 pump with this easy and inexpensive modification.

Neither I, nor any one else at Water Cooling 101 is responsible for any damages caused by this modification. This modification is rather easy, and if done correctly will yield a quieter pump.


For those of you who own a Via Aqua, you are probably pretty happy with its performance. Right? However you have probably noticed that this pump vibrates quite a bit and makes a humming noise. An anti-clog feature implemented into the impeller causes the vibration created by this pump. This feature allows the red impeller to rotate 3/4ths of a turn, free from the magnet allowing debris to flow through the pump without getting clogged.


Via Aqua Pump
Super Glue, Crazy Glue, etc.

The Modification:

When done properly this modification is quite simple. Remove the impeller unit from the pump. If the impeller unit is wet, let it dry thoroughly to insure that the glue will adhere properly. Grasp the magnet in one hand and twist the red impeller with the opposing hand. Notice how it turns? This movement is the anti clog feature and causes most of the vibration. A drop of glue placed at the base of the red impeller should hold it securely in place. For obvious reasons, be sure that the ceramic spindle doesn't come in contact with any glue. Once the glue has firmly dried (check the label for approximate drying times), reassemble the pump.


This modification substantially reduced the vibration and noise output of my Via Aqua 1300 pump. Now the pump cannot be heard above the noise of my Enermax adjustable 120mm fan mounted on my heater core. I have recorded the before and after noises of my pump, both were recorded using exactly the same method.


This was a very simple modification, and is completely safe if properly done. This mod may work with other pumps; if you attempt it with any other pumps please let me know how well it works.

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