Water Cooling Reviews

Swiftech CoolSleeves

For those of us water coolers, one issue that we all have to deal with eventually, is the kinks that end up forming within our tubing. Swiftech has came out of with a solution!

CoolingWorks Shroud

A very nice pre-made heatercore shroud, strong plastic construction get maximum performance from your '86 Chevette heatercore. New Version!

Typhoon Reservoirs Quad-Bay

Reservoir for multiple blocks.

Fetty's Cold Touch Review

These blocks show potential with a very different

Maze 4 Review

Review of Danger Den's latest block!

Danner Mag 3

The Danner Supreme Mag 3 drive pump reviewed!

Water Additives

We compare 3 water additives! See how they match up with each other!

Danger Denís Z-Chip Block

Water cool your warm northbridge with this!

Tygon 3603

Top of the line Tubing, reviewed!

Eheim 1048

The Mercedes-Benz of pumps, I review one of the best pumps available for water cooling.

ClearFLEX 60

RGreat Tubing, Makes tight turns. Very similar to Tygon for half the price!

UV Water Dye

The easiest, and best looking mod for your water cooled system.

Dtek Spir@l

A water cooled block that made heads turn!

Maze 2 Review

Contributing Member CharlesHF reviews the still worthy Maze 2 with his bong setup.

Thermaltake CL W0012 Flow Indicator Preview

Thermaltake has come out with a nice water cooling flow indicator. Now you can see if water is actively flowing through your water cooling system.

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