Maze 4 Review
By: JFettig

Review of Danger Den's latest block!
First off I would like to thank Bruce from CoolTechnica for sending this nice block for review.

The block measures approximately 2.5x3x5/8".The base is made out of 1/4" copper, with 1/8" channels milled in to it 1/8". It uses an O-ring to seal the copper to the lucite. The lucite is approx. 3/8" thick and laser cut(very smooth). The threads in the lucite are very cleanly cut, I have really doubt there would be much of a problem with cracking. It came with PolyPro barbs, I love these barbs because they grab the tubing so well that hoseclamps are unneeded, but it is a good idea to use them.

The Maze 4 looks like it has little to no improvement over the Maze 3, The majority of the water goes around the core. The Lower profile allows higher velocity but not enough over the core.

The base is extremely smooth and flat. It has a dull copper finish to it from the lapping, and it looks perfect. You can see the reflection from the brass nut decently, but a mirror finish is not needed. You can see the recess in the base for the cam box on the socket. You have to make sure you put the on the correct direction so that it sits flat. Its for the most part, very simple.

The mounting hardware is pretty basic. Has 2 different kind of plastic washers, Im not sure if it makes a difference what ones go where on the motherboard, as long as the one nut doesn't protrude above the cpu. The screws are 3" rod, you put your nuts on the end.

To mount the block, sandwich the motherboard between 2 thin washers and nuts, so that the nylon washers are touching the board. Then tighten them down snug, not too tight so that it hurts anything. Next, put your thermal compound on the CPU, then put the block on the CPU, sliding the block onto the bolts. Next you can put a set of washers over the block, then the springs, another set of washers and put the brass nuts on. Tighten them down carefully, in a star pattern only a few turns at a time until the springs are about 99% compressed. If you look at the picture, the order is correct except I forgot to put the washers in place that go on top of the waterblock.

Here is my water cooling setup, the Maze 4 and the heavily used, and modded Maze 3. The setup is pretty basic, Danner Mag#3, 98 Camaro core with 88cfm Sanyo Denki fan, PVC reservoir, and inline temp probe right before the inlet of the block.

This is kinda what my computer looks like. Pretty clean, and I got the hoses oddly twisted. It doesn't make any difference though. Its a pretty basic setup, Epox 8k3a with calibrated on die diode for reading temps, and a 1600+@ 1800mhz 1.9v for a good heat load.

The testing method I used was I had CPU, water, and air monitored. I completed the testing on the Maze 4, then went on to testing the Maze 3. Most of the way through it my water temp probe died on me. But my air temperature stayed the same. It was obvious that the Maze 3 had the Maze 4 beat by a few degrees by the results I already had. The Maze 4 was running 42c CPU, 25c Water, The Maze 3 was running 40-41c CPU, and same water temp. My motherboard(8k3a) has the on die diode, I graphed different temperatures at different wattage and calibrated it, so it is mostly accurate(+/-1c)

I was doing performance testing on this block again the maze3, I got good numbers on the Maze 4, and some on the Maze 3 for one mount, then my water sensor crapped out on me. From the first mount and the beginning of the second mount(first 3-4 days) the Maze 3 outperforms the Maze4 by approximately 1-2 degrees.

The Maze 4 is a great looking block, But it doesn't quite perform as well as the Maze 3. Again, I would like to thank Bruce from CoolTechnica for sending this block for review. I am kinda disappointed with this blocks performance, but it looks great.


High flow
PolyPro Barbs
Low cost

Lucite top - Copper available
Maze 3 outperforms it

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