Typhoon Reservoirs Quad-Bay
By: JFettig

Reservoir for multiple blocks.
I would like to thank Voyeurmods for sending me this Bay-Rez for review.

1st Water Reservoir to support multiple inlets and outlets
1st Complete Reservoir kit:
4 single Barb fittings with O-rings
Large Fill Cap with O-ring
4 Mounting Screws
2 Port Caps for 2 port operation
All inch Lucite Cast Acrylic
Rounded corners for injury-free install
Large fill Hole
Cap Tightening Washer
Expandable Configuration
High Quality Construction - Laser Cut
Installation instructions

Out of the box, the bay-rez came with the paper still on the acrylic to keep it from scratching. It also came with a bag of 4 hose barbs, 4 screws, 2 caps, a fill cap, a washer for tightening the caps, and 5 gaskets (Note: They are not O-rings), one gasket for the cap, and one for each port on back.

I do not like the way they want to use them to seal the barbs, the barbs are not designed to be used with a gasket, so there is no place on the barb for proper sealing. Instead of using the gaskets, I used teflon tape, all you need is a wrap or two. In order for the gaskets to seal the barbs, you would need to crank down on them incredibly hard. That would be putting a lot of stress on the acrylic.

The reservoir looks really good and all, but it is virtually impossible to get it out of the computer dry. It took nearly an hour trying to get everything out dry. I was disappointed in that and the amount of tubing I had to use to run my tube to all the components. Almost 3 extra feet of tubing than what I normally use (around 3ft). If you are not planning on removing it, it would be alright.

This bay-rez looks really good; it is nice to be able to expand to up to 4 inlets/outlets. Too bad it's very difficult to remove for upgrades, new water or whatever else.


Up to four barbs
Fits nicely into an optical bay
Looks excellent
Large fill cap


Impossible to empty system
Increases amount of tubing needed
Acrylic is flexible

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