ClearFLEX 60
By: JFettig

RGreat Tubing, Makes tight turns. Very similar to Tygon for half the price!

Flex Tubing was nice enough to send us a sample of ClearFLEX 60. So far this is the best tubing I have ever used ClearFLEX is a lot better than vinyl, and with comparisons. ClearFLEX tubing is also 1/2 the price of tygon!


Pictured is the ClearFlex60 and Vinyl tubing, as you can see, the vinyl tubing has really good memory(pun intended), thus making it hard to move around. The vinyl is very stiff and curled up, unlike the ClearFlex which is very flexible and does not 'squish' up like vinyl

Coiled ClearFLEX 60

Tried to coil vinyl

Nice bend on ClearFLEX

Would you call this nice?

Which one is better?

As you can see, it can do some amazing bends compared to vinyl tubing, the vinyl can hardly bend without getting kinked. It takes bend half the size of the bends in the pics to kink the ClearFLEX.

Makeover time

Before: Vinyl Tubing

After: ClearFLEX Tubing

*note, this is Mario's setup


I would like to thank Flex Tubing for sending us a sample of ClearFLEX 60, this is some great tubing! As you can see, vinyl just doesn't cut it, and ClearFLEX is awesome for this application. I would have to say this is the best tubing I have used.


-Great flexibility
-1/2 the price of Tygon tubing
-Grips barbs really good
-Will stretch over 5/8 barbs
-Very clear
-Little memory


-Is there any?

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