CoolingWorks Shroud
By: JFettig

A very nice pre-made heatercore shroud, strong plastic construction get maximum performance from your '86 Chevette heatercore. New Version!
First of all I would like to thank Erick at CoolingWorks for sending me a couple of his newest works of art. Secondly, this is a newer revision of his other shroud. I am extremely impressed. This shroud is molded out of flat black plastic, fits most cores in the 6"x6" range, has a gasket to seal(which will hold it on rather good) and bolts together around the heatercore(with 4-40 bolts)

These shrouds hold themselves on without a problem, I do recommend bolting them together. In that picture you see my modded Chevette heatercore(bad lighting). I relocated the barbs onto the other side for optimal placement.

From fan to fan the heatercore, shrouds and fans measure about 6.5". That is with my 25mm thick fans.

Each shroud is about 1.5" deep, but after it is on the heatercore it only sticks out 1.25" because it overlaps the heatercore a little bit. As you can see, it has the holes in the corners to clamp them together. They require 4 2.25" long 4-40 machine screws or threaded rod. They are different on the two sides, I really don't know what the purpose is, but just simply line them up and you should be good to go.

There is my semi-beautiful setup. I could only use one shroud because of the lack of room. The one shroud that is used is pretty buried. I wish that it was more viewable. I had to bolt it to the front panel because I previously modded my case with a huge hole.


I am very impressed in the quality of these. It fits on a most cores around 6"(up to 6.125x6.125), It looks great, and has an awesome price! As of now these are available at BEcooling for $10.99.

Great quality
Awesome Price
Looks good
Fits great


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