Eheim 1048
By: Mario

The Mercedes-Benz of pumps, I review one of the best pumps available for water cooling.

Your water cooling system is much like a car - everything depends on the different components within. Your engine keeps your car moving, and your pump keeps your water flowing. Without a dependable engine, you have no car; and without a dependable pump, you have no cooling. So, why cut short on the most important part of your setup then? Read why the Eheim 1048 is used and trusted by watercooled users and overclockers around the world.


The Eheim pumps 158 GPH (600 l/h), which is perfect for water cooling. It features 1/2" barbs, so both 3/8" and 1/2" tubing users can use the Eheim with no problem. Dimensions include a hefty 5.8 x 3 x 4.7 in.

When I initially started to install it in my system, I noticed a minor flaw: the barbs were incredibly short. This means you absolutely need hose clamps; the tubing slips off the barb quite easily do to the short height if you don't have clamps.

Installation went smooth into my system. I noticed that when I was priming the pump, the Eheim was quieter compared to my AquaVia! There was no humming/vibrating at all. Another plus is that the Eheim is not HOT. The AquaVia gets very warm when running, however this is not true to the 1048; in fact my case temps have lowered about 1-2c since the pump isn't dissipating hot air into the case.

Comparison with the AquaVia 1300

The Eheim 1048 often gets compared with the AquaVia 1300- many people ask "why would you spend twice/three times as much on a lower GPH pump?!" I now know why.

- The temps have been the same, if not better with the Eheim. For typical water cooling setups, you don't need a 300 GPH to pump 2-3 feet up.

- The Eheim is QUIETER than the AquaVia -in fact, it is completely silent - not a single trace of sound from it. The AquaVia has humming/vibrating noise. This is not true for the Eheim.

- The Eheim is cooler than the AquaVia - I can actually hold my hand on it, and not burn myself - I can't believe how hot the AquaVia runs... this is a BIG plus for the 1048.

- Reliability is well known throughout Eheim users - you pay for the extra quality and features the 1048 has.

4 pros right off the top of my head... I am sure there are a dozen more I can think of, but this just gives you an idea on how sweet this Eheim is.


My CPU temps are staying within 1c of my case temps - so when my case temps are at 33c, my CPU is at 34c (full load). When my case throttles up to 40c (90f room), the CPU is at 41c. This is with the 7VRXP in socket thermistor. With an AquaVia, they were around 2-3c of case temp. This a HUGE improvement!

Wow. What can I say? This is the BEST pump I've ever used. The Eheim is a permanent for my system. If you are looking for a reliable, cool, and fully featured pump, the Eheim 1048 is definitely for you. I'd like to thank CoolTechnica again for sending the pump for review!

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