Maze 2 Review
By: CharlesHF

Contributing Member CharlesHF reviews the still worthy Maze 2 with his bong setup.
Well, this is my personal block that I bought back in February or March. I was using a ThermoEngine with a screamer on it going 7000RPM to cool my XP1600+, and I was going deaf. So, in the interest of my ears (and the cooling/bragging factor) I looked around into water cooling, and decided on the DangerDen Maze2. I also looked around for cheap water cooling parts, and none were to be found, so I started reading about cooling tower cooling. (aka: computer bongs) I decided that this sounded good, so I built one. Alas, I still don't have a fan on it, which explains my…..slightly high temps for water cooling. I will soon be replacing my bong with a custom Dtek system.

Ok, on to the important stuff. It came to me well polished, with slight machining marks. Although it didn't need it,I lapped it for a few minutes (first time; definitely not enough) so it didn't make that much of a difference. It was nice and reflective, though. The Maze2 has a slight spiral type design inside of the block. I think it would look cool; it's too bad that it doesn't have a clear top. It can be orientated either way across the CPU; the intake is right on top of the core either way.

I especially like the mounting system on the Maze2. Instead of using the lugs on either side of the socket, it uses the 4 mounting holes, which makes it (IMHO) harder to break the core. And, it makes it easier to keep the block flat on top of the CPU. It's a basic screw-down type system. The block comes with 4 long threaded plastic pieces, 12 plastic hexagonal nuts, 4 "thin"plastic washers, 4 "thick"” plastic washers, and 4 metal springs.

The long pieces go through the motherboard mounting holes, and screws in place, 2 screws per long plastic piece. (one on either side) The block sets down on top of these, with the long pieces going through the holes in the block. Then, I put the “thick” plastic washers down, then the springs, then the “thin” washers, and then finally a screw down the 4 remaining hex nuts, which hold everything down. They also serve to screw down and put pressure on the block, which helps it to make better contact. (lowering temps)
ALWAYS make sure you use thermal grease. And, if you don't use hose clamps at every connection, you're just asking for leaks.

I like the maze2---it's well made, and cools well, especially for a bong without a fan. One time I forgot to plug in my pump (stupid) for about 10 minutes, and it got up to around 77C, but my chip didn't fry. (It did get hot enough that it burned an imprint of the lettering of the core onto the bottom of the block, though) That says something!


(excuse the sorry bong w/o fan system---I'll post better ones when it's replaced) 39-40C load, 34-35c idle, with 26-28c room temp. I'm sure that I could get lower temps if I cranked the pressure onto the CPU, but I'm afraid of breaking it. Remember I don't have the best water cooling system either.


A well made block which I would highly recommend.

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