Dtek Spir@l
By: Mario

A water cooled block that made heads turn!
I did my research on every single Waterblock you can think of that was out. But there was still something I was looking for. Something that seemed to be missing.

Finally, Dtek announced that they were making the Spir@l, designed for a true 1/2" system. This was it; the awesome spiral design that I wanted, with the size I needed! You bet I placed my order for this puppy.

I was in heaven when I received it; the bottom definitely showed its milling marks; it wasn't very shinny, but it was definitely flat.

The chrome barbs matched the copper block and polycarbonate top perfectly. It also came with a nice mounting kit, which was a plus.

I ran it in a test setup for a few days, and lemme tell you, the bottom of the block was COLD. In fact, I couldn't hold the bottom for a few seconds… it was like an ice cube.

Once I was positive there were no leaks or any problems, I installed everything into my case. The included mounting hardware works great, and is included with the block.

My setup includes:

Athlon XP 1600+ AGOIA Y 0213
Antec 1030b case
384 MB of DDR (1x 128 generic, 1x 256 Crucial)
2x 15 GB HD's
GeForce3 Ti200

Watercooling System:

Dtek Spir@l
87 Chevette Heatercore, 120mm 86 CFM panaflo
AquaVia 1300 pump
Vinyl tubing
Everything 1/2"
Water Additives: Purple Ice

Once booted into my BIOS, my temps displayed:

Case: 33c
CPU: 33c

So far so good; my ambient room temps are VERY high (29c), so this explains for the warmer temps. I installed Windows XP, and here are some of my temps reported by MBM5…

CPU Idle:
Case: 35c
CPU: 35c

CPU Full (Folding@Home):
Case: 35c
CPU: 36c

Full Load @ 1.6:
Case: 37c
CPU: 39-40c

I am very impressed with the temps! Although I only have an in socket thermistor, I am pleased with these temps. So, now the big question… Is the Spir@l worth it? I would say so; the awesome design, quality of craftsmanship, and support from Danny at Dtek make it totally worth the money. If you are looking for a high end block that will cool whatever you give it, this is definitely it.

-awesome design
-bottom lapped flat
-excellent cooling
-mounting hardware
-support at Dtek
-slighty expensive
-bottom not shiny

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