Tygon 3603
By: JFettig

Top of the line Tubing, reviewed!
I did my research on every single Waterblock you can think of that was out. But there was still something I was looking for. Something that seemed to be missing.


Tygon has been the latest fad in water cooling, this tubing bends really nicely and very far, it is very chemical resistant. You can also use UV lights without worrying about it destroying the tubing. One problem with this stuff is its Expensive!


I now have samples of ClearFLEX 60, Tygon, and got some cheapo vinyl, the main difference between these tubings, well the ClearFLEX and Tygon is that tygon is clear, and a little stretchy. It also grabs the barbs a little better.

Center barb:ClearFLEX, Outer barb:Tygon

Tygon tubing bends easier than ClearFLEX, but it doesn't bend quite as far... ClearFLEX bends just a little bit farther, hardly noticeable. Tygon is EXTREMELY clear, its like having glass tubing that flexes. It stretches over 5/8 barbs and grabs REALLY tightly. I had a heck of a time pulling it off of my heatercore barbs(5/8 OD copper pipe)


Right were ClearFLEX kinks

Right were Tygon kinks

Tygon is more limp

A pic of my system, with tygon, and a ClearFLEX bleed tube
Just because I only have 1 hoseclamp doesn't mean you should only have 1 ;) don't do as I did

Close-up on my custom block and Tygon


I would like to thank TYGON for sending me a great sample of this tubing! I do highly suggest it, this stuff costs a good chunk, but you get what you pay for.

Pros -Super Clear
-chemical resistant
-bends very good
-very stretchy
-VERY costly!

Note: the Vinyl Tubing that I used was 1/16in wall the rest 1/8.

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