UV Water Dye
By: Mario

The easiest, and best looking mod for your water cooled system.


Without a doubt, case modding has become more popular; from cold cathode lights and windows, to water cooling the possibilities are endless! The latest trend seems to be using UV lights to spice up the case. Whether it is having UV paints, UV rounded cables, or just the dim blueish glow in your case, people like it. Watercooled users now have a way to make use of those UV cathodes thanks to UV Water Dye from Case-Mod.


Case-Mod ships FAST. As fast or faster than NewEgg, which is excellent. The UV Dye arrived in a 1 Oz bottle. Don't let the size fool you though; this stuff is highly concentrated and will last through many uses.

This is the bottle, with a packaging peanut next to it for size comparison.

Installation is simple enough; place a few drops into your t-line or reservoir and let it circulate (it more looks like the system sucking it in like a wave, but none the less ;). That's it! You should see the water glowing by now, and if it isn't bright enough, place a few more drops in there.

More Pictures

Here is a night shot, with the dye, UV cables, and one UV cathode.

Day shot, with no cathode on; it still looks nice!

Zoom in on the t-line and the UV cables.


This stuff is awesome! It really adds a lot to the case as you can see, without over doing it. As you can see, I also have UV reactive rounded cables and a UV cathode, which were also purchased at Case-Mod. Excellent products and excellent service, I highly recommend them. I would like to thank Case-Mod for sending out the dye to review!

-awesome effect!!!
-concentrated, for many uses
-easy mod to do, and looks good

-absolutely nothing.

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